Remote Integrator Academy

Master One of the Most In-Demand Business Skills Today and Start Generating Life-Changing Income From You

Remote Integrator Academy is our flagship 3-month intensive program that provides you with all the knowledge, support, and accountability you need to become a high-paid Remote Integrator and start earning $5,000 – $20,000+ a month from your laptop, even if you have no previous skills or experience.

If you get accepted into the Remote Integrator Academy program, you will get a 1-on-1 success mentor, regular check-ins, coaching calls, real-life role play, examples, templates, worksheets, and over 10 hours of video material to equip you with a new high-demanding skill set in the online industry.

As a Remote Integrator, you help existing business owners grow their businesses faster, save time, and improve efficiency. You achieve this by helping business owners:

  • identify and fix the biggest bottlenecks in their marketing, sales, and operations,
  • implement, automate and optimize systems, integrations, and workflows in their marketing, sales, and operations.

Who Is This For?

The Remote Integrator Academy is for anyone serious about learning how to earn a scalable income online, no matter what the economic or political conditions are. Our typical student is a hard worker, understands nothing great happens overnight, and wants much more than they currently have.

  • You’ve Hit An Income Ceiling: You can’t make any more money at your current “job”. Even if you put in 3x the amount of work you would only have a slight increase in payout (if one at all). Hourly, salary, and freelancers typically feel this pain.
  • You Are Tired Of Trading Your Time For Money: Nobody who has ever “made it” has done so by trading their time for money, yet that’s what 99% of the population does. This is the worst trade in history, you are trading something you have a limited amount of (time) for something that is printed every single day (money). If you don’t understand this you will always work for someone that does.
  • You’re The Smartest Person Around: While that’s great for your ego, not so good for your growth. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around and if those people are not where you want to be, where do you think you’ll end up?
  • You’re Not Fulfilled At Your Work: Maybe you’re working for a company you don’t believe in, maybe you’re just a cog in a machine, maybe you’ve lived the same 6 months over and over again for the past 2 years. It is possible to both love what you do and get paid well for it.
  • You’re Using Youtube Videos As “Business Advice”: Look, I love a good Youtube video as much as the next person, but you can’t use these general videos to solve your specific problems. General advice will give you general income, it’s in “specialized and applied knowledge” that the real dough is made.
  • You’ve Tried To Start A Business: E-commerce, SMMA, Crypto, Sales, Affiliate Marketing, (insert get rich quick scheme here). It’s not necessarily your fault, you wanted to skip straight to the part where you were a millionaire, but you must first understand that you are only paid in direct proportion to the value you provide the marketplace. I’m going to show you how you can provide an unbelievable amount of value to a massive, growing, wealthy marketplace.
  • Your Business Isn’t As “Freeing” As You Thought: Let’s say you actually are making some good money from a “business” you started. If you’re like most of our students you probably are making less money than you were at your previous job if you added up all the hours you are working. After working with 2,000+ business owners, I’ll be the first to admit that being a business owner is not as sexy as it is portrayed to be, that’s where Remote Integration comes in.
  • You’re Under-Appreciated For The Work You Do: Let’s be honest, even if you’re making decent money, if you don’t get the recognition you deserve it kind of makes it all useless doesn’t it? We crave social acceptance as human beings and I’ll show you here how to have business owners begging for just a few minutes of your time.
  • You See Everyone Else “Making It” And You Wonder When It’s Your Time: With the creation of social media we’ve all become a lot more interconnected, but it also shows us the large discrepancies between your life and what is possible. You can either call other people “scams” or “liars” or you can think “if they did it, I can to” This opportunity is for those that think the latter.

Here’s Everything You Get If You’re Accepted Into Remote Integrator Academy

  • Remote Integrator Academy modules (30+ hrs), assets, and group coaching call recordings.
  • Group Onboarding Call w/ Onboarding Coach. Choose between two group Onboarding time options every week. By the end of your onboarding call you will have a clear understanding of how to approach the modules, order to proceed in, where to find everything, how to reach out to support, leverage coaching calls and have created their first post promoting being an integrator.
  • 5 Group Coaching Calls every week.
  • Unlimited 1:1 Support and Calls with your Client Success Manager.
  • Monthly Check-In Calls with your Client Success Manager. (Day 30, 60, and 90)
  • Access to a private, exclusive Slack Community where you can interact with other students, ask questions, get inspired, share your wins, learnings, progress, and more.
  • Plus more, much more.

Here’s How Your Life Is Going to Change When You Become a Remote Integrator

Start Living the Life
of Your Dreams

What is your dream lifestyle? Do you dream about getting rich and driving around in a sports car? Maybe you want to travel the world and work from your laptop on some distant beach? Or perhaps you just want to make enough money so you can live without any stress? Whatever it is that you want, becoming a Remote Integrator is one of the fastest ways to make it happen.

Enjoy Complete Freedom
in Every Sense of the Word

We work whenever we want, as much as we want, and from wherever we want. No more commuting to work. No more answering to bosses. No more boring meetings. No more strict work hours. No more staying overtime. The day you become a Remote Integrator is the day you set yourself free.

Create as Much Free Time as You Want

You want to work for 2-3 hours a day and take the rest of the day off? You can do that. You want to work for 3 days and take the rest of the week off? Go ahead. Once you become a Remote Integrator, you will finally be in full control of your time, so you’ll be able to focus on things you truly care about.

Spoil Your Loved Ones

Finally, when you become a Remote Integrator, you’ll finally start earning enough money to provide for the people you care about. You will be able to give back to your parents, spoil your partner, help your friends out, and make sure that your (future) kids have everything they need.

What Our Students Are Saying

"I Now Make 3x More Than Before!"

Daniel Tapia

"This Impacted My Life Profoundly!"

Jamie Hall

"I Now Make Substantially More!"

Immaani Fiton

The Results You Can Expect


#RongTheBell I have a couple of wins to celebrate and a few people to thank.

This past month I landed both a sales system build project and a long-term integrator retainer! Both came from clients I was already servicing for marketing in some capacity.

The sales system build was for a pressure washer ($2k) (shows there’s some potential in the SMB realm!) and the integrator retainer is for a welding school that I built systems and automation for over the last 2 years before I knew “Integrator was a thing” ($5k/mo + profit share % after 3 months).

I know this isn’t as impressive as landing a cold client, but it showed me there’s a lot of need, for our services in spaces you wouldn’t expect.

Much love and credit is due to my accountability group, Julian, Tommy & Cliff as well as Daniel Gray & the coaches on the weekly calls.

Thanks for the ideas, support, & feedback as I worked to land both deals!


#RingTheBell Y’all! Admittedly slow to jump in and introduce myself, but I’ve been so busy going through the training modules and getting a TON of value out of what Ravi is sharing.

And now I have just GOT to ring the bell because this community and the knowledge base I’m going through are helping me get super clear on my offer and how I can best serve my clients. And from that, I’ve been able to close 2 clients since starting.

1 The first client is a Mortgage bank (my main niche) that I’ll be helping set up systems to recruit MLOs sending emails from Go High Level, and leveraging TikTok and LinkedIn for traffic and awareness. This one is a 6-month contract for $14K. The contract has already been signed by the president of the bank & check is in the mail!

2 The second is an agency owner and coach who is helping people build their own Google My Business Agency and he badly needs SOPs and systems. 3 Months for $7.5K plus a 5% profit share on an already $1M annual business. Pending.

That’s a total of $21.5 K in revenue in the door not including profit share, when it’s all said and done, could be more like $70K for 3-6 months, and then they won’t want to get rid of me!

Reach out to me and send me a friend request, I’d be happy to talk shop anytime. The big reason I’ve not been on calls this week is all of the above.

Let’s goooooo fam! I know you got this!


Wow, what a journey it has been so far. Just got my first retainer in the bank which is $4k a month.

If You Are Looking to Advance Your Career and Start Making More Money Than You Are Currently Making, You Only Have 3 Options

Option #1

Go To College

This may seem appealing at first, I mean everyone asks where you went to college, your family is pushing you to do it, so what could go wrong?

Well as a college graduate myself, let me be the first to tell you that there was literally nothing I learned in college that prepared me for making money in the real world.

If you need to learn what the capital of Wyoming is (Cheyenne) or how to pass a test on 2 hours of sleep, I’m your guy, but none of these are really applicable to the real world (not that I could find).

Oh, the best part is that you’ll pay around $30k to be taught useless information and then told to go get a job to spend the next 30 years paying off your $40k in student debt.

Option #2

Go To Graduate School

Maybe you’ve already gone to college and as you’re applying to jobs you’re learning just how hopeless your situation is. Then that voice in your head tells you “get a graduate degree, then they will take you seriously.” So you start to consider it, I mean you get to go right back to your structured, non-realistic environment that you’re so used to (who cares that it’s another $40k), and you get to delay “real life” for a little longer.

Now I can’t say I have personal experience in this department, I actually dropped out of law school before the first semester because I realized how useless it actually was going to be (oh and it was $250k).

That being said, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what that route will take you. Einstein once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” That’s how I view graduate school, your undergraduate degree was already useless, so let’s do more of that?

I’ve talked with hundreds of graduate school graduates (both clients and employees) and there is one thing that I’ve heard each and every one of them say “nothing they teach you in _______ school prepared me for real life.”

Let’s say you are able to get a job after you graduate, likely it will be in a cubicle, doing the same thing every single day, for 40+ years, while you drink it away on the weekend (sorry but it’s true).

Option #3

Learn A Specific, Remote, Marketable Skill

What if instead of spending 4+ years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars you were able to actually just learn a skill set that people are hiring for today?

One that was growing rapidly in demand (with almost zero supply).

One that takes a few weeks to learn and can earn you an easy, six-figure salary?

One that was taught by someone who has done that exactly thing, over 2,000 times, and made $2,000,000 doing it?

To learn more and get started with Remote Integration, and qualify for a free consultation call with our team, enroll in the Side Hustle Shortcut self-study online course.

We’ve currently closed enrollments for the Remote Integrator Academy program.