Case Study: Andrew Sharp

I Was Finally Able To Leave The Corporate World After 17 Years!


Before Andrew Sharp joined Remote Integrator Academy, he was working in the tech field for over two decades! 17 of those years, Andrew was working in the corporate 9-5 world. Andrew was getting tired of the corporate world and needed a change. He quit his corporate job and kind of fell into his own business of helping his friends with their businesses by problem-solving, giving insight, and using his background in tech to help them grow. Andrew liked what he was doing, but it wasn’t sustainable and he felt himself wondering if he should just go back into the corporate world for the security of it.


Andrew felt as though his first big win after joining RIA was truly just believing in himself that he could bring about change. Andrew said that just gaining the confidence was a lot harder for him than even getting his first client. “I recognized that I can step into any situation and find a solution. So much more confidence in myself”, is what Andrew said at the end of our course. Andrew explained that the biggest shift in his mindset was going from a reactive place to a proactive place. He was done waiting around for people to ask him for help, he was going step in to look at how to make things measurable for his clients so that they could start making informed decisions. He was going to start connecting with other business owners and asking about their businesses. It only took 2 months before Andrew landed his first client through the program, and based on Andrew’s mindset now, he will land his next client in no time!

The Process

Andrew decided that he would give himself one more chance before going back into the corporate world for good. That last chance was RIA. Andrew knew that he was good at problem-solving, but he lacked the understanding to see how to capitalize on the opportunities people had in their businesses and to market himself. One thing that Andrew felt was super valuable to him was learning about the ’10 key bottlenecks’ in businesses. He learned not only how to look for them, but how to have those conversations about them and where to head for a solution. Andrew also felt as though the environment he surrounded himself with was key to his success. Andrew said, “The community really is incredible. You want to put yourself in a place to succeed with others and RIA does that every day.

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