Case Study: Jason Farr

From Making 3K /Month To 17K /Month In Less Than 4 Months


Jason Farr was struggling to run an IT Tech support business for small business clients. He was never the ‘9-5 type’. He always wanted to do something on his own but had a hard time finding his niche. Jason had tried different courses before, but nothing seemed to click.


Jason finished our program super quick, in just about 2 months! After finishing the program, Jason began to prospect clients. The first client is always the toughest to find, so we actually placed Jason with a business owner who needed his expertise. Jason was actually able to close them into a contract on the first phone call! One month into working with that client he was able to up his monthly retainer to $17k! Now, 4 months out from first joining the program, Jason is making more money than he ever has before!

The Process

Jason’s first quick win inside the program was simply beginning to really understand a high-level overview of how the entire business model works, and frankly how easy it can be to make money in this industry. Just learning about the huge demand for remote integrators was a big eye-opener for Jason.

We’ve currently closed enrollments for the Remote Integrator Academy program.