Case Study: Priyanka Khandalkar

I Was Able To Double My Monthly Retainer!


Before Priyanka Khandalkar joined RIA, she had just quit her corporate 9-5 job and was looking to become an integrator. She had joined a few programs in the past to help her get started with it, but she didn’t feel as though she was learning enough. She wasn’t learning the technical knowledge that her clients desired, thus leaving her at a standstill. Priyanka wanted to continue working as an integrator, but it wasn’t paying her bills, so she was at a loss for what to do.


Priyanka described her first big win as a mindset shift, not a dollar amount. It was when Priyanka learned about her ideal client, the value she brings, and the dollar amount that goes along with that, that she got her first big win. Why? Because once Priyanka gained that confidence she needed, she felt as though it was easier to get clients. She actually doubled her monthly retainer for clients and is on track to make 6-figures this year! Did I mention she did all of this in only 4 months? Yes, in 4 months Priyanka went from being unable to get by to now being on track to make 6 figures!

The Process

When Priyanka first joined RIA, she was lacking confidence. She didn’t know her ideal client, and she was selling herself short. Priyanka’s biggest mistake was charging her clients for the physical time that she was working, not the value that she was bringing. Priyanka knew that she needed help, and was diligent with showing up to every coaching call, trying to get the most out of her experience. With that, slowly but surely, her confidence came.

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