Case Study: Tracy Morgan

Complete ROI In 6 Weeks + Roadmap With My Dream Client


Tracy is an incredibly hard worker, a mom of two, who “bet big” on working with us at Remote Integrator Academy.

Tracy had actually tried to start her own consulting business for the past few years, but “nothing ever really got off the ground.”

She hated doing market research, hated conducting sales calls, and was tired of dealing with clients who didn’t respect her time.

The Results

She recognized that starting and running a business is incredibly hard, something she learned the hard way that she wasn’t quite ready for yet.

It’s not that she isn’t talented, actually on our first call together I could tell she knew more than most of my business clients, but she didn’t want the risk, turbulence, and stress that comes with working for yourself 20 hours/day running a business.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were able to place her with her “dream client”, someone she will earn a six-figure salary from and has the potential to grow with (with a possible opportunity for profit share down the road).

She gets to work from her computer, the hours she wants to work, with a great company, earning a six-figure salary and spending time with her kids…

The Process

Most people can have great results when they join the Remote Integrator Academy, just like Tracy.

All it takes is showing up every single day, and using the slight edge.

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