#RingTheBell Here we go again. 3rd month into the program and this is my second client.

“Hi, Anastasia, Thanks for the call today and for providing information as to how you can help my team. We’d like to hire you hourly to fix the active campaign problem for our 6-day challenge. We can discuss that in more detail if you’re open. And if you’re available Tuesday, my team would like to meet you and learn about your services from your mouth. What time is good for you? They’ve all looked at the information you’ve sent and just want to meet you before adding you to the team. Please let me know your thoughts.”

Honestly, I wasn’t really aggressive lately with reaching out to businesses, this one came to me as a referral from my first client, who is so grateful for everything I have done for him so far.

I was very focused on providing value for his business. Always overdelivering, and doing more. That is the key.

I am looking forward to working more and more, organizing my current businesses in a way that I can focus more on Integration.

It looks like my dream of having an online business is slowly manifesting. If you only knew how much it means to me! Thank you for the support #SWS