#Ring TheBell Making it Facebook official, landed a placement with an amazing company that is very much in alignment with not only what I want to be doing but also how I want to be doing business. Big shout out to everyone who has helped along the way.

Isho for doing a stellar job matching me up and guiding me along the process.

Daniel for multiple calls and those consistent nudges to keep stepping into the process and for being a wealth of information and showing up with wisdom, insight, and experience on all the coaching calls.

Ravi Abuvala for developing this program and for being passionate about greatness.

To my accountability crew and the numerous people who have shared conversations, encouragements, ideas, and knowledge – a massive thank you.

To everyone on this journey – just start. And then keep taking the next step. The biggest hurdle you will face is the belief that you aren’t ready. The only way you feel more ready is by doing.

Truthfully if you are willing to find the answers you are ready to make a difference right now. Take action, have conversations, be willing to listen, be willing to find answers, ask for help, and show up. What is possible for you is limited only by what you believe to be possible.