#RingTheBell Shout out to Dan Murray for his post on Monday about simply taking action. I had a great coaching call with Dan Murray on 11.9.2022. After that meeting, I went out and accomplished the following in the last 24 hours. I started with SWS on October 25, 2022, so I am 14 days in.

  1. I secured an appointment with a potential client (and trusted friend) to look at his drop shipping company to see if I can help.
  2. I proposed an automated system to a tax accounting firm to automate the filing and fee collection from clients for a certain employee tax credit. The fee for this firm’s service would be $500 per filing and I asked for a 10% commission on that amount. This means I will receive $50 per filing going forward indefinitely with little to no work on my end going forward. They agreed to this amount! I estimate anywhere from 100 to 300 filings per year. This idea came to me late last night.
  3. Since October 25 I have read Slight Edge, The Obstacle is the Way, and Think and Grow Rich. This literature was recommended by Ravi Abuvala in the Integrator Academy course. This gave me the confidence to walk into my employer’s office this morning to ask for a bonus for the lucrative work I have been doing over the last six months. He agreed to give me a bonus of three times the cost of my Remote Integrator Academy investment.

Imperfect action beats perfect inaction! Thank you SWS!