#RingTheBell 2022!!! Right out of the gates this year I just got off a call with the CEO of a fast growing national remote real estate investment firm in San Antonio TX.

He’s offering to bring me on as COO effective immediately. Salary+profit share. I’ll be handling integrations and automation of course, creating the SOP’s that don’t currently exist, social media ad strategy and funnels, and working with directly with 5 VA’s and a US based staff of 6.

The deal I negotiated was to learn every facet of the company in the next month and implement a plan with no compensation unless I clearly move the needle in January. I explained that I didn’t want him to have to pay for my learning curve, only for performance. After all, he doesn’t even know me yet.

February 1st, we will negotiate the COO compensation moving forward. Well worth working for free for a month if necessary, everything is already in place to scale the company to the moon with the right systems

Special thanks to master connector of people Daniel Gray. Daniel was working with another member of our RIA family Priyanka Khandalkar, (we were friends on FB) the CEO was her contact that she had prescreened already.

Daniel, knowing that my background is in real estate investing, referred me to Priyanka. She reached out to me on messenger and connected me with the CEO, a few days later I’m offered to come on as COO. Thank you Priyanka! I owe you one..

I’m extremely proud to be a part of RIA, it’s as much culture as coaching. To see people come in and immediately lock arms to charge forward is rare.

We are in the perfect environment to excel together, don’t let anything hold you back this year..