#RingTheBell Y’all! Admittedly slow to jump in and introduce myself, but I’ve been so busy going through the training modules and getting a TON of value out of what Ravi is sharing.

And now I have just GOT to ring the bell because this community and the knowledge base I’m going through are helping me get super clear on my offer and how I can best serve my clients. And from that, I’ve been able to close 2 clients since starting.

1 The first client is a Mortgage bank (my main niche) that I’ll be helping set up systems to recruit MLOs sending emails from Go High Level, and leveraging TikTok and LinkedIn for traffic and awareness. This one is a 6-month contract for $14K. The contract has already been signed by the president of the bank & check is in the mail!

2 The second is an agency owner and coach who is helping people build their own Google My Business Agency and he badly needs SOPs and systems. 3 Months for $7.5K plus a 5% profit share on an already $1M annual business. Pending.

That’s a total of $21.5 K in revenue in the door not including profit share, when it’s all said and done, could be more like $70K for 3-6 months, and then they won’t want to get rid of me!

Reach out to me and send me a friend request, I’d be happy to talk shop anytime. The big reason I’ve not been on calls this week is all of the above.

Let’s goooooo fam! I know you got this!