#RongTheBell I have a couple of wins to celebrate and a few people to thank.

This past month I landed both a sales system build project and a long-term integrator retainer! Both came from clients I was already servicing for marketing in some capacity.

The sales system build was for a pressure washer ($2k) (shows there’s some potential in the SMB realm!) and the integrator retainer is for a welding school that I built systems and automation for over the last 2 years before I knew “Integrator was a thing” ($5k/mo + profit share % after 3 months).

I know this isn’t as impressive as landing a cold client, but it showed me there’s a lot of need, for our services in spaces you wouldn’t expect.

Much love and credit is due to my accountability group, Julian, Tommy & Cliff as well as Daniel Gray & the coaches on the weekly calls.

Thanks for the ideas, support, & feedback as I worked to land both deals!