#RingTheBell!!! Happy Holidays to all the RIA FAMILY !!! I just signed a contract with a Bank, W4 with 1YR Contractor then reevaluation. I can not disclose too many details due to NDA. (Plus heavy background screening).

The Role: Marketing Automation. Working closely with marketing strategists and project managers to build data connections between CRM, ESP, and core data, legacy data. “The assignment will be working remote. It will begin December 23nd, 2021. It is understood that you will work on this assignment until its end, or until determined that my contribution to the project has been completed. This would include all requested extensions.

As agreed, you will be compensated at $60.00 per hour ($124,800.00 annually) for all time worked. This rate will remain in effect for one year. At that time, your compensation plan will be reviewed to determine if a change will or will not occur.”

That would be a 21.5X ROI on the RIA investment if it goes the full year. If it only goes 6 months it still would be slightly above a 10X ROI !! Not bad for a warm-up round… LOL.

Thank you Zak Blake, Raj Dua, Daniel Gray for continued stellar support !!

Thank you Ravi Abuvala for building this meticulous RI Academy that is clearly empowering many individuals with cutting-edge MAD TECH SKILLS!!