#RingTheBell I took Ravi’s advice and really took a sec to evaluate if I have any personal connections that could use some help with systems and turns out, an old friend of a friend has a successful SaaS agency that specializes in full-stack UX/UI dev.

The crazy part is, they’re a healthy and profitable company with virtually no outbound sales. All current clients are from referrals or networking and when I asked them what their goals for 2022 were, they said to double their current number of new monthly clients.

Off the bat, it looks like there is TONS of opportunity to both optimize their inbound flow but also set up their outbound flow to easily double their clients next year. After a great discovery call, they asked to see a proposal on Thursday. I’ve been revisiting all of my notes and building out a few ideal systems and feedback loops in Lucid to share with them this week.

People have said it before, but it all just clicks when you start having real conversations with business owners. And remember, you don’t have to be perfect at this stuff, just better than the business itself – and you have the right to bring some real value.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep y’all posted next week! Special thanks to Daniel for the weekly ideation and support!