#RingTheBell Landed 3 clients with Ravi’s free content + the low-ticket offer.

1. Coaching Offer ($20,000 12-month contract) $2000 cash collected.

2. Consulting Offer ($20,000 12-month contract) $2,500 cash collected.

3. Freelance Producer Offer ($450 a day based on how many days I work within a 12-month period to complete the project) $0 collected so far.

Total Cash Collected before joining RIA: $4,500. Total Revenue Contracted: $40,000+

I’m having my onboarding call right now with Taylan Alpan and some other RIA powerhouses.

What’s next: getting some awesome case studies from my clients and then figuring out a way to scale and get my time back.

This concept is so powerful and I’m so stoked to learn from all of you.