Thanks, Taylan Alpan for being an awesome success coach! To share some wins and ringing little bells:

For the outreach I did, I did a boolean search on LinkedIn for a specific niche and narrowed it down so there were less than 2k people that came up, took the URL connected to the search, and threw it into a Waalaxy auto-connect campaign.

Once I got connected with some from that sequence (about a 30% acceptance rate), I waited a few days/weeks and went through my connections and read through certain profiles that seemed like people I’d want to work with, researched their sites, etc.

I sent a short message to the select people saying I was interested in learning more about their industry and asked for an interview.

Cool thing was, out of the first 30 or so messages, 3 agreed to an interview! So 10% interview booking rate.

And the other interviews I’ve gotten scheduled have been from networking events.

Long story short, people love knowing there’s a human behind the messaging, so if you’re struggling with outbound, try flipping the process and just meet some people to make connections and then talk about what you do if/when the conversation goes in that direction.

If anyone is interested in my wording just let me know. It was nothing fancy but it seemed to work decently!

Take notes from the modules, then take action in life, you’re guaranteed to make progress!