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Just had my onboarding call with the Customer Driven Leadership coach/mentor.

We got started with a $2,500 upfront 30-day trial with a promise of $10k+/month with rev-share and working with his clients to streamline their systems and operations.

He’ll work with the leadership transformation, I’ll work with the operations transformation.

Thank you to everyone that’s been so supportive and helpful, this has been an amazing journey so far and I’m finally through the first threshold.

Stay in it! You’re one client/partnership away!


Hi Team, just completed the first interview with a Nephrologist Dr friend.

He invited me to review his systems at his office, definitely there is scope to automate the document management process.

One more interview scheduled with a friend and his family running multiple Dental offices tomorrow.

Still going through this material but taking consistent action is more important here.

Thanks, Dan and team for the support.


#RingTheBell Shout out to Dan Murray for his post on Monday about simply taking action. I had a great coaching call with Dan Murray on 11.9.2022. After that meeting, I went out and accomplished the following in the last 24 hours. I started with SWS on October 25, 2022, so I am 14 days in.

  • I secured an appointment with a potential client (and trusted friend) to look at his drop shipping company to see if I can help.
  • I proposed an automated system to a tax accounting firm to automate the filing and fee collection from clients for a certain employee tax credit. The fee for this firm’s service would be $500 per filing and I asked for a 10% commission on that amount. This means I will receive $50 per filing going forward indefinitely with little to no work on my end going forward. They agreed to this amount! I estimate anywhere from 100 to 300 filings per year. This idea came to me late last night.
  • Since October 25 I have read Slight Edge, The Obstacle is the Way, and Think and Grow Rich. This literature was recommended by Ravi Abuvala in the Integrator Academy course. This gave me the confidence to walk into my employer’s office this morning to ask for a bonus for the lucrative work I have been doing over the last six months. He agreed to give me a bonus of three times the cost of my Remote Integrator Academy investment.
  • Imperfect action beats perfect inaction! Thank you SWS!



    Shout out to the entire RIA team for an incredibly supportive system!

    After procrastinating for a week or two, I realized that it takes money to make money. So I went ahead and signed up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator as well as the Lemlist service, and as of this morning, I’ve got my first prospecting email campaign live! I think I’ll build out a second campaign as well, just to increase my outreach.

    It’s a little uneasy having the cost of this program and all the other necessities to get up and running hanging over my head. But as I’ve seen time and time again mentioned in this group, the ROI is there.

    I’m super excited to see what the next few weeks bring as my email campaigns continue and I push through the rest of the RIA modules!


    So grateful and surprised Wanted to share this wonderful #win with my RIA tribe.

    Thanks, Ravi, Raj, and Zac for being awesome mentors and coaches, I just got listed as Top 15 coaches in Portland Oregon.


    Hi guys, started my 1st outreach last Friday and have an interview scheduled for tomorrow!

    The open rate looks good for now. So ringing the bell on this small win!

    THANK YOU to all and the brilliant coaches!



    1. Signed up for the new SWS software

    2. Completed initial configuration and calendar setup using RIA 2.0 training (Ran into a couple of technical issues, but was able to research solutions, and resolve them)

    3. Booked an interview with the first lead using the calendar widget in the SWS app.

    Thanks to coach Taylan Alpan for the excellent instructional content in the RIA 2.0 training modules.

    Shoutout to Aleena and Travis for their support and encouragement on the group coaching calls.


    I sent out only 100 cold emails, based on the interview sequences from Taylan’s videos.

    Thus far I have had four CEO one-to-one calls, and have another four CEO calls lining up (from the same 100 email list).

    I come from sales and I’ve used other cold email templates in the past, but nothing has worked this good. It really is amazing!

    Each 30-minute interview usually turns into an hour (building great rapport).

    I have no doubt in the SWS process and getting clients using this approach.


    Thanks, Taylan Alpan for being an awesome success coach! To share some wins and ringing little bells:

    For the outreach I did, I did a boolean search on LinkedIn for a specific niche and narrowed it down so there were less than 2k people that came up, took the URL connected to the search, and threw it into a Waalaxy auto-connect campaign.

    Once I got connected with some from that sequence (about a 30% acceptance rate), I waited a few days/weeks and went through my connections and read through certain profiles that seemed like people I’d want to work with, researched their sites, etc.

    I sent a short message to the select people saying I was interested in learning more about their industry and asked for an interview.

    Cool thing was, out of the first 30 or so messages, 3 agreed to an interview! So 10% interview booking rate.

    And the other interviews I’ve gotten scheduled have been from networking events.

    Long story short, people love knowing there’s a human behind the messaging, so if you’re struggling with outbound, try flipping the process and just meet some people to make connections and then talk about what you do if/when the conversation goes in that direction.

    If anyone is interested in my wording just let me know. It was nothing fancy but it seemed to work decently!

    Take notes from the modules, then take action in life, you’re guaranteed to make progress!


    #ringthebell Just closed my friends who run an 8 figure marketing agency and now I will be the system integrator for his business.

    I can say I will be going from $0-$50k then $50-$100k only 3 days into the program.

    What I learned that was really helpful is don’t start COLD, START WARM.


    #RingTheMFBell Yeah. 4k upfront and 1k on ads to build a client acquisition machine for a tutoring agency Psyched!


    #RingTheBell I took Ravi’s advice and really took a sec to evaluate if I have any personal connections that could use some help with systems and turns out, an old friend of a friend has a successful SaaS agency that specializes in full-stack UX/UI dev.

    The crazy part is, they’re a healthy and profitable company with virtually no outbound sales. All current clients are from referrals or networking and when I asked them what their goals for 2022 were, they said to double their current number of new monthly clients.

    Off the bat, it looks like there is TONS of opportunity to both optimize their inbound flow but also set up their outbound flow to easily double their clients next year. After a great discovery call, they asked to see a proposal on Thursday. I’ve been revisiting all of my notes and building out a few ideal systems and feedback loops in Lucid to share with them this week.

    People have said it before, but it all just clicks when you start having real conversations with business owners. And remember, you don’t have to be perfect at this stuff, just better than the business itself – and you have the right to bring some real value.

    Wish me luck and I’ll keep y’all posted next week! Special thanks to Daniel for the weekly ideation and support!


    #RingTheBell!!! Happy Holidays to all the RIA FAMILY !!! I just signed a contract with a Bank, W4 with 1YR Contractor then reevaluation. I can not disclose too many details due to NDA. (Plus heavy background screening).

    The Role: Marketing Automation. Working closely with marketing strategists and project managers to build data connections between CRM, ESP, and core data, legacy data. “The assignment will be working remote. It will begin December 23nd, 2021. It is understood that you will work on this assignment until its end, or until determined that my contribution to the project has been completed. This would include all requested extensions.

    As agreed, you will be compensated at $60.00 per hour ($124,800.00 annually) for all time worked. This rate will remain in effect for one year. At that time, your compensation plan will be reviewed to determine if a change will or will not occur.”

    That would be a 21.5X ROI on the RIA investment if it goes the full year. If it only goes 6 months it still would be slightly above a 10X ROI !! Not bad for a warm-up round… LOL.

    Thank you Zak Blake, Raj Dua, Daniel Gray for continued stellar support !!

    Thank you Ravi Abuvala for building this meticulous RI Academy that is clearly empowering many individuals with cutting-edge MAD TECH SKILLS!!


    #RingTheBell 2022!!! Right out of the gates this year I just got off a call with the CEO of a fast growing national remote real estate investment firm in San Antonio TX.

    He’s offering to bring me on as COO effective immediately. Salary+profit share. I’ll be handling integrations and automation of course, creating the SOP’s that don’t currently exist, social media ad strategy and funnels, and working with directly with 5 VA’s and a US based staff of 6.

    The deal I negotiated was to learn every facet of the company in the next month and implement a plan with no compensation unless I clearly move the needle in January. I explained that I didn’t want him to have to pay for my learning curve, only for performance. After all, he doesn’t even know me yet.

    February 1st, we will negotiate the COO compensation moving forward. Well worth working for free for a month if necessary, everything is already in place to scale the company to the moon with the right systems

    Special thanks to master connector of people Daniel Gray. Daniel was working with another member of our RIA family Priyanka Khandalkar, (we were friends on FB) the CEO was her contact that she had prescreened already.

    Daniel, knowing that my background is in real estate investing, referred me to Priyanka. She reached out to me on messenger and connected me with the CEO, a few days later I’m offered to come on as COO. Thank you Priyanka! I owe you one..

    I’m extremely proud to be a part of RIA, it’s as much culture as coaching. To see people come in and immediately lock arms to charge forward is rare.

    We are in the perfect environment to excel together, don’t let anything hold you back this year..


    #RongTheBell I have a couple of wins to celebrate and a few people to thank.

    This past month I landed both a sales system build project and a long-term integrator retainer! Both came from clients I was already servicing for marketing in some capacity.

    The sales system build was for a pressure washer ($2k) (shows there’s some potential in the SMB realm!) and the integrator retainer is for a welding school that I built systems and automation for over the last 2 years before I knew “Integrator was a thing” ($5k/mo + profit share % after 3 months).

    I know this isn’t as impressive as landing a cold client, but it showed me there’s a lot of need, for our services in spaces you wouldn’t expect.

    Much love and credit is due to my accountability group, Julian, Tommy & Cliff as well as Daniel Gray & the coaches on the weekly calls.

    Thanks for the ideas, support, & feedback as I worked to land both deals!


    #RingTheBell Here we go again. 3rd month into the program and this is my second client.

    “Hi, Anastasia, Thanks for the call today and for providing information as to how you can help my team. We’d like to hire you hourly to fix the active campaign problem for our 6-day challenge. We can discuss that in more detail if you’re open. And if you’re available Tuesday, my team would like to meet you and learn about your services from your mouth. What time is good for you? They’ve all looked at the information you’ve sent and just want to meet you before adding you to the team. Please let me know your thoughts.”

    Honestly, I wasn’t really aggressive lately with reaching out to businesses, this one came to me as a referral from my first client, who is so grateful for everything I have done for him so far.

    I was very focused on providing value for his business. Always overdelivering, and doing more. That is the key.

    I am looking forward to working more and more, organizing my current businesses in a way that I can focus more on Integration.

    It looks like my dream of having an online business is slowly manifesting. If you only knew how much it means to me! Thank you for the support #SWS


    #RingTheBell I have done 6 interviews and signed my first client.

    I can’t recommend the interview method enough and if you think you can help someone then just tell them how.

    I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to Daniel Gray for helping me gain clarity! If you aren’t scheduling a time to talk to Dan…you should.


    #RingTheBell Happy Monday all you beautiful integrators! Got a win this morning.

    Signed my first client to a 3-month deal to work on tracking my client’s teams’ KPIs and setting up their hiring workflow to keep up with their growth!

    It was a friend that runs an agency and was pretty much begging me to start asap once I was able to go in and break down his systems and come up with a solution.

    Went pretty textbook to get this client, so just follow what’s taught in the course and you’ll get results for sure!!!

    Anyways, hope you all have an amazing day.


    #RingTheBell First Client just signed, time to get to work!


    #Ring the Bell Got my first video testimonial from a former employer who I helped with sales/marketing funnels.

    I also got my second paid client, small only 2k a month but we making progress. Ravi Abuvala Im ready!!!!!

    We’ve currently closed enrollments for the Remote Integrator Academy program.