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Troy Knox

#RingTheBell Had a great conversation with Daniel today with a 2-week update call.

After talking, my strategy moving forward is to first become my first case study and move to the software bootcamp and see where I can automate my own personal training business to get back more time to invest in this opportunity.

Moving forward with that my short-term goal is to finish all of the modules in the next 2 weeks and land 1 client by March 1st.

Long term goal of mine is to eventually build the skill set enough to start my own agency 2-3 years down the road and scale to 50k – 100k a month.

Not one to share my goals with anyone but myself but Daniel thought it would be good as I now need to be accountable to everyone for what I said I am going to do. Let’s get it!


#RingTheBell Y’all! Admittedly slow to jump in and introduce myself, but I’ve been so busy going through the training modules and getting a TON of value out of what Ravi is sharing.

And now I have just GOT to ring the bell because this community and the knowledge base I’m going through are helping me get super clear on my offer and how I can best serve my clients. And from that, I’ve been able to close 2 clients since starting.

1 The first client is a Mortgage bank (my main niche) that I’ll be helping set up systems to recruit MLOs sending emails from Go High Level, and leveraging TikTok and LinkedIn for traffic and awareness. This one is a 6-month contract for $14K. The contract has already been signed by the president of the bank & check is in the mail!

2 The second is an agency owner and coach who is helping people build their own Google My Business Agency and he badly needs SOPs and systems. 3 Months for $7.5K plus a 5% profit share on an already $1M annual business. Pending.

That’s a total of $21.5 K in revenue in the door not including profit share, when it’s all said and done, could be more like $70K for 3-6 months, and then they won’t want to get rid of me!

Reach out to me and send me a friend request, I’d be happy to talk shop anytime. The big reason I’ve not been on calls this week is all of the above.

Let’s goooooo fam! I know you got this!


Ok y’all #RingThe MFBell

Just got off a call with a potential client.

He already knew what he wanted which was someone to build out an efficient client acquisition process. We are literally starting from scratch as he is doing business from $50k+/m from 100% referrals at this point.

There are more projects to come with this client as well. Shot for a $5k retainer and he didn’t even bat an eye! (May have grossly undersold myself, not sure yet)

He’s also ready to start like…yesterday! I just wanted to follow up with an overview of what to expect and the next steps.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or pinch myself. Is this really happening??? Is this a perfect situation or what? I honestly do not even know what I just got myself into.

But Let’s make it happen, captain! #firstofmany


#RingTheBell Haven’t been updating much so I thought I’d do so now.

#1: Made back my investment in this program last month by reaching out to my network, not a full-time integrator but helping clients with team management, acquisition, & retention systems only

#2: Have 3 interviews set up with prospects (get clients module)

#3: Will prove that this position is truly remote as in a week 1/2 I’ll be in an entirely different country in the middle of nowhere and with very limited access to wifi while working with a client and fulfilling tasks in proper time (more future paced but in case I don’t post next week)

Hope you guys and gals take care, keep on winning, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors!


#RingTheBell I sent a proposal out two weeks ago and it was accepted today. $18K offer.

I’m super grateful for RIA and everyone here is so open to connecting and learning from each other.

I got some really great gold nuggets just by setting up connection calls with the students. Thank you RIA FAM!


#RingTheBell First client secured!!!

I’ll be managing integrations, funnels, and data reporting as well as doing some appointment setting in their funnel. $3k/mo + commission on setting.

Super excited to get started! Very grateful for this program. The skills are so valuable & in such high demand, and the community is awesome!


#RingTheBell Landed 3 clients with Ravi’s free content + the low-ticket offer.

1. Coaching Offer ($20,000 12-month contract) $2000 cash collected.

2. Consulting Offer ($20,000 12-month contract) $2,500 cash collected.

3. Freelance Producer Offer ($450 a day based on how many days I work within a 12-month period to complete the project) $0 collected so far.

Total Cash Collected before joining RIA: $4,500. Total Revenue Contracted: $40,000+

I’m having my onboarding call right now with Taylan Alpan and some other RIA powerhouses.

What’s next: getting some awesome case studies from my clients and then figuring out a way to scale and get my time back.

This concept is so powerful and I’m so stoked to learn from all of you.

Thomas Ferry

#RingTheBell Got my first client to agree to work with me today!!


#RingTheBell 6k deal just closed. For the inside scoop on the numbers, this was from 5 demo appointments, 3 were a no, 2 were a maybe, and this one closed. Not too bad!

I fully believe we got this one from having an absolutely shining case study we were able to present. I never knew how important the social proof was until now.

Those 5 appointments were over the course of one week, my goal now is to get it to 5 in one day which would equal 1 deal closed a day. Rock and roll!


#RingTheBell Hey Team, I was able to nail my demo call with the Fitness company.

So now we are moving forward with onboarding her (gotta figure that out lol). No pay as of now as she will be my first case study. But 30 days afterward we are looking at at least $500 a month to start (smaller company).

The process works just gotta put yourself out there and take daily action to be better each day. Eventually, you’ll figure it out.

Thanks, Ravi and Daniel. Now my goal is to gain two more clients in the next 30 days after learning from my first client.


Landed my first contract, today on my birthday! 20K with a Realestate Brokerage. So grateful for all of you and Ravi’s team.


#RingTheBell! I just got a client who paid $2500 retainer to build a system to automate his Marketing business. He is also going to recommend me to his Millionaire buddy who is in the same type of business!

The first one is an entire system build, including a new CRM, new email system and Calendly links!

Big project that may go months (at a higher price – those who know me know the new price!!).

Thanks for all the support!

Tiffany Mahon

#Ring The Bell Signed on my first paid client today!! Very excited to start putting all of this knowledge to use.

I appreciate everyone in this group for all of the encouragement. I definitely would not have gotten to this point without this amazing community! This is just the first of many more to come!


RING THE BELL!! Just got off a discovery call, landing my dream client!!!

Special thanks to Taylan Alpan for the guidance from yesterday’s coaching call. woo!!

Chris France

#RingTheBell Got a verbal, follow-up to start in July. $5000/month for four months or $20,000 engagement. Then we will determine how we proceed after that.

First client. E-Learning company. CEO wants to automate before he gets buried. He just signed two big state contracts. Got this from Taylan Alpan’s lemlist cold email campaign.

He asked for samples of my process and data models. I told him he was my first but can send samples. Samples that I did for HOMEWORK and he loved them. LOL. This more than covers my RIA tuition!



I got a new “PAID IN FULL” client using the interview method! It’s a 60-day contract to set up his CRM and onboarding processes.


So here I am #RingTheBell

Today I signed a contract with a client in Saas space, which very quickly escalated into more work than we initially talked about. I will be in charge of their systems and their expansion into the whole world. So awesome stuff and a lot of work.

$3k/ a month + % of the revenue (which will be the main source of my income)

Those Loom videos really work!


#RingTheBell Cynthia accepted my proposal!!

$5k/mo for 3 months- that’s a return on my investment for RIA.

She asked me to send her references. I didn’t tell her she is my first client, any idea on how to finesse that part?

Anyway- super excited. I prayed for 1 client before my last day of my 9-5 which is the 31st of this month and it came to fruition! So hype.

Thank you, Jeff, Mahalath, and MJ for helping me through this process and just being amazing people.


#RingTheBell My first client. Monthly retainer and profit split.


Client #2 alert!! Contract signed. Wire sent!! Investment fund in the life sciences industry.

U$5,000 for a 5-week “let’s see how we work together” period with the goal of going on full retainer!! From a *Cold* Linkedin connection!!!!

Start by implementing an automated intake method for filtering investment applications from startups as now all is manually done. Remove operational bottlenecks and manual daily tasks that decrease executives’ ability to review and ultimately choose companies to invest in.

Make better use of existing software platforms for contracts, and project management platforms, optimize and automate CRM and ultimately accelerate the fund’s goals.


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