Wins From Our Customers

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Thomas Pacheco

#RingTheBell. Just brought on another 7-figure client for $7,500 per month. The primary role is to put in “fail safes” and tech planning/strategies to put their marketing/sales ideas into action.

What’s neat is this client works with a few very high-level marketers/coaches. He has taken them from low 6-figure months to multiple 7-figure months!

His company mainly acts as a Fractional CMO for his clients. In case you are wondering, this was a referral that was sent to me from a friend who also owns an agency and does a ton of integration/automation work and consulting.

Allan Mallari

Sorry, I’ve not been too active in the group and this is a long time coming but, I got hired back in June as a hybrid of Quality Chemist and On-Site Integrator at a local e-commerce company.

We’ve been very busy with an audit for GMP Certification and we just got recommended by the Auditor at SGS to be certified!

At this moment, I’m re-writing all of the manufacturing SOPs and once this project is done, I’ll work on the Fulfillment SOPs and Work Instructions. I’m also constructing tables, charts etc. for KPIs.

Future work would be to learn how to integrate our various inventory systems to talk to each other but that would be a project I probably wouldn’t be able to take on by myself as the company houses 80 brands and is a mix of 3PL, and vertical integration.

I still plan to pick up more clients for Remote Work taking care of KPIs and SOPs. Maybe one solid one, if possible.

And I need to continue my education here to grow my skill set.

Good luck to everyone! I’ll try to be more active here!

Thomas Pacheco

Just closed on $10,000 paid in full to set up their sales systems! They sell an Amazon FBA Course, currently doing in excess of $300,000 /month in sales with 4 closers all from Organic Tik Tok traffic. These guys were referred to me by one of my current clients.

Setting them up with a subaccount on my GHL for $197 per month + twillio fees and integrating their website applications + Calendly + GHL and follow-up systems to help convert deals lost in the pipeline. Thanks, RIA!

Juan Smith

Hi everyone, This is Juan a RIA alumni. I never post here but wanted to drop some motivation and gratitude for Ravi Abuvala and the rest of his team.

Through this program, I was able to join my current company GTT Commercial Tires. We just found out last week that we have placed #485 on the Inc5000 list and we are officially the 27 fastest growing retail company in the United States.

To think where I was a year ago and now to be the COO of this company is nothing short of unreal. I am so grateful to for this program and all the great people I’ve met.

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