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Just got my first paid client. I actually offered to work for free to get a case study. After figuring out the issues and quickly providing potential solutions, my ideas alone were impressive enough that they decided to pay me to implement everything.

Here we go!!!!!


#RingTheBell After everyone’s wins today it’s hard to know what else to write lol, I echo everyone’s feelings! Grateful and humbled to have signed a contract with an exceptional SWS client and words can’t describe how thankful I feel for this opportunity.

Ravi, Raj, Kabir, and Brian Wiesner, thanks for not only overdelivering on what you promised but giving me hope and confidence in a brighter future. You guys have shifted the trajectory of my life through this program. I’m excited to keep growing and learning with you and taking things NEXT LEVEL!

Gratitude to all of you guys in our community. That feeling of knowing you’ve ‘got my back’ and care is priceless. Your massive action-taking keeps me hungry and inspired.

Keep rockin’ it guys! Got my fingers crossed we have our own Remote Integrators Mastermind Event one day and I get to meet you all in person. Excited to continue our adventure together.



#RingTheBell 2X!!! Just closed a new client yesterday for $3500 for Google Business auto-posting. It takes a day to set up and all I have committed to is a simple monthly report showing the stats.

Also, the client I initially had hooked for $7500 for 3 months bumped up to $9500 by the time of contract signing. And it renews in 90 days.

Keep grinding and learning! Read the books, do the work and you’ll get there guys! There is a world of opportunity once you learn the skills. You are in BIG demand.

Closing out February strong! Writing down my goals and getting clear on my offer has been #1 for me. Let’s go!!!


#RingTheBell Signed up to work with a Company that provides Cybersecurity. Both husband and wife are close family friends. Went on call to help and support and provide values and insight, was not planning to convert friends into paid clients. Was totally surprised when they asked how can we work together.

They are a 3-year-old company, currently at million dollars. Only have clients through word of mouth and their own networks. Their competitors are Billion dollars company. They do have CRM Pipedrive which they are not utilizing fully.

It will be 3K first month and then $6K/per month. I did let them know of profit sharing in the future. The biggest win for me is – I surpassed my Engineering corporate salary within one year of leaving corporate and is on 6 Figure run rate.

It’s amazing after Joining RIA accelerator and getting 1:1 coaching with Ravi Abuvala, Zak Blake, Raj Dua, and the support of Daniel Gray all along has helped me to gain confidence to double my prices compared to the beginning of this year when I started.


#RingTheBell !! I now have a total of 4 clients (potentially 5) that I am working with/for — only two and a half months into the program!

Joining the RIA was the best decision and investment I have ever made. Thank you to everyone that has been supportive in helping me reach this level of success thus far!


#Ring TheBell 2 weeks I joined this program. Last week I got an interview with a client. After 3 rounds of interviews, today I finally signed a contract with them.

This program has really encouraged me to take the action and I did. Found a good client to work with. I will be improving their current systems and will be doing custom software development. More into developing Al bot.

I am really excited to learn more from the program and get new clients. I want to thank Ravi Abuvala, and the whole team for all the support! Thank you all!


#Ring TheBell (again) and Happy Holidays!

So funny, I probably was the most skeptical person when signing up for the program. But the desire to change and grow was more powerful than my fear and skepticism.

Well, I just signed a contract with a company as a 1099 Contractor for 3 months with reevaluation after.

And as I said before: “I even didn’t start being aggressive in finding opportunities” All I was doing is talking to people around me. And I guess I sounded so confident that it just worked.

With this particular company I set up the meeting to offer my services as an integrator and he loved my sale pitch so much that he said: “I want you to work with me!” After thinking for 24 hours and discussing details with Daniel wasn’t able to find anything that possibly can stop me from taking the opportunity.

I do not have a background in IT, I am absolutely new to the industry. What I do have is intention and absolute confidence that anything I focus on expands and manifests.

It is happening faster than I was expecting but I am very grateful for this. Thank you again for this program and your genuine support, to all SWS team


#Ring TheBell Making it Facebook official, landed a placement with an amazing company that is very much in alignment with not only what I want to be doing but also how I want to be doing business. Big shout out to everyone who has helped along the way.

Isho for doing a stellar job matching me up and guiding me along the process.

Daniel for multiple calls and those consistent nudges to keep stepping into the process and for being a wealth of information and showing up with wisdom, insight, and experience on all the coaching calls.

Ravi Abuvala for developing this program and for being passionate about greatness.

To my accountability crew and the numerous people who have shared conversations, encouragements, ideas, and knowledge – a massive thank you.

To everyone on this journey – just start. And then keep taking the next step. The biggest hurdle you will face is the belief that you aren’t ready. The only way you feel more ready is by doing.

Truthfully if you are willing to find the answers you are ready to make a difference right now. Take action, have conversations, be willing to listen, be willing to find answers, ask for help, and show up. What is possible for you is limited only by what you believe to be possible.


#RingTheBell Just finished up contract negotiations with my first SWS client (3rd overall) I truly am humbled and blessed with this opportunity.

4 months ago I was working full-time at my day job, working 10-12 hour days and stuck in the car some days for up to 4 hours. I told myself I had no time. I tried making all the excuses for why my life looked the way it did.

Then I changed my mindset and started taking responsibility for everything happening in my life. Extreme ownership. I turned my commute into a daily study session with RIA videos, watching/listening to them 2-3 times over.

I followed everything Ravi teaches us on how to get our own clients. Two months later, I quit my day job and landed my first client.

Fast forward to today. I’m making 5-figures a month as a systems integrator – over double what my 9-5 salary was, I have complete control over my schedule. I just hired a VA to help out with some client fulfillment so I can eventually bring on even more clients.


#RingTheBell Onboarded two new BIG clients yesterday! It’s insane to think about how much growth I’ve compounded in the last 6 months –

I’ve learned so much about what my ideal client looks like, how to qualify better, setting boundaries & expectations, working with multiple clients vs. working for a single client, always prospecting, etc.

I’ve systemized the transformation to be much better than where it was when I first started – I’m truly stoked for where things are at and where they’re gonna be in 3, 6, and 9 months p.s. enabling my fiancée to quit her job (a month before we get married) is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done – 12/10 would recommend.

I want to express gratitude to Brandon Mozzone for helping me see through my own limiting beliefs when I had 0 clients two weeks ago.

Align > Grind


Ring the bell! This was a big week for me! When I first started this program, I made it my goal to quit my job by May. Yesterday I put in my 2 weeks’ notice!

In addition to that, I got my first client! I’m going to start by helping her connect her kajabi and shopify and launch her first course (she currently only sells products).

She’s the kind of client where I will learn a lot and can grow with her but she also trusts me to do it– so she doesn’t have to think about it again!


#RingTheBell Just closed my first paid client!! He’s someone in my network who runs a very successful advertising agency.

It was just supposed to be an interview call at first. I was totally not expecting to land a client today, but he instantly saw the value in remote integrator work and expressed that he has a lot of disorganization and headaches in his business that he wanted help streamlining and automating.

This stuff is powerful and business owners really need it!


Just closed 2 new clients this week – one is a VC and the other is a Private Equity firm.

The mandates are focused on sales proposal automation in addition to order process management and integration.

Both are at $3,500k/week or $14k in MRR (respectively). Monthly prepaid payment plans with $28k in cash collected.


RING THE BELL! I just closed a 3-month contract at $8,000 per month with a landscaping company that does over $1.2MM in revenue.


#RingTheBell I am beyond stoked to announce that I signed my first client yesterday! I landed this company by doing exactly what Ravi tells us to do in the Getting Clients module.

We are starting off at $6k /month. After I prove my value over the next two months, we will reevaluate an option for profit share!

I’m telling ya, THIS STUFF WORKS!! Now that they have taught us to fish, it’s time to feast baby.  Thank you Ravi, Raj, Isho, and the rest of the SWS team!

The content you guys have put together is unlike anything else on the market.


Wow, what a journey it has been so far. Just got my first retainer in the bank which is $4k a month.

Julian Hendrickson

I landed my client the first week of the Side Hustle Shortcut. If you watch the videos and take action again and again everything is possible!

Thank you Ravi Abuvala and his Team!

Julian Hendrickson

Hey Reach! I closed my first client last night! He immediately referred two more coworkers so I have them in my pipeline as well!

Thank you for the Side Hustle Shortcut! It’s opened my eyes to what’s possible with the right systems!

Imran Jimoh

Quick Update Day 3 (using this as my journal). Software up and running for automotive businesses. One client with two locations closed for $297 package.

He is a car wash owner. Old friend. Happens to need software to automate follow-ups the same day I started the side hustle shortcut.

Scraping leads right this moment for automated outreach. Update soon!

Travis Robbins

I was on a networking event and someone wanted to connect with me after hearing what I’m starting and wants me to help him with his business next month!

You’re only 1 person away!

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